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Breeding and Care of Bearded Dragons (Pogona Complex)


Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) – Eastern Bearded Dragon (Pogona barbata) – Black soil Bearded Dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni) – Small-scaled Bearded Dragon (Pogona microlepidota) – Pygmy Bearded Dragon (Pogona minor) – Nullarbor Bearded Dragon (Pogona nullarbor) Overview The bearded dragon is by far one of the most iconic reptiles in the hobby today. Their popularity […]

Breeding and Care of Children’s Pythons (Antaresia Childreni)

Children's Python

Overview The Children’s Python occurs across northern Australia from northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory to north-western Queensland. The species was named after the English naturalist J.G. Children and not as is erroneously believed, because of their suitability as children’s pets. These are small and relatively slender snakes with a head that is only […]

Breeding and Care of Pygmy Pythons (Antaresia perthensis)

Pygmy Python

Overview The Pygmy Python Antaresia perthensis is often referred to as the Anthill Python and is the smallest python in the world, reaching a maximum length of approximately 60 cm. Pygmy Pythons are endemic to Western Australia and are found from Goldsworthy in the north (Pilbara region) to North West Cape, south to Mullewa in […]

Breeding and Care of Jungle Pythons

Black Yellow ZebJag

Overview Many would agree that the natural colours of the Jungle Python make it one the most attractive of the carpet pythons. Even non-reptile enthusiasts would struggle not to look twice at the beautiful blacks and yellows associated with these animals. The name jungle python implies that these pythons are only associated with rainforest habitat […]

Breeding and Care of Blue-Tongues and Shingleback skinks (Tiliqua)

Alpine Blotched Blue Tongue

Overview If you live in Australia then chances are you have come across this iconic lizard at some point. This group of lizards can be found in much of the country and have even managed to survive in urban areas where the site of a blue tongue in your garden can be a common occurrence. […]